Medicines for Multitudes

More than 380 medical outlets receive donated medicines through the Medicines-for-Multitudes program. These items are a tremendous blessing to the sick and suffering in parts of the world where access to medical supplies and medicine is limited. Because pharmaceutical companies donate the medicines to CAM, we can ship and distribute $30 worth of products for every dollar given to this program. In 2021, we shipped an estimated wholesale value of $43.2 million of medicines, vitamins, nutritional supplements, and medical supplies. Some funds are also used to purchase much-needed medicines we are unable to acquire by donation.

  • Clinic at La Source, Haiti: Little medical care is available in the La Source area. CAM opened the Joshua Memorial Clinic in 1996 to provide greatly needed medicines and medical care in this remote area of Haiti. In 2022, the staff at the clinic helped 4,500 patients.
  • Clinic at Waslala, Nicaragua: CAM’s Balm of Gilead Clinic in Waslala, Nicaragua, opened in February 1997. The clinic is an important part of the outreach work the conservative Mennonite churches from Costa Rica have done in this area. Free medicines are a great blessing to the suffering people who come to the clinic for help. In 2022, the clinic staff saw 5,200 patients.

*$1 ships $30 worth of medicines for suffering, impoverished people around the world

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