SALT Microloans

Providing microloans to qualified entrepreneurs in developing countries

Many people in developing countries want to operate a small business and provide for themselves, but they lack start-up capital. The microloan program uses funding from donors and issues small loans to help these individuals start or expand small businesses.

The central feature of the Microloan program is teaching. Potential loan candidates receive financial and Bible-based teaching prior to getting a loan and continue receiving teaching throughout the term of the loan. Individuals within a loan group are mutually accountable to each other and are responsible to ensure all loans are repaid.

Microloan program goals

• Provides small loans for individuals to create or expand businesses.
• Walks with group members as they learn a sustainable way of life.
• Moves them from dependency on aid to using their own resources.
• Teaches better ways to market goods, work with customers, and keep good records.
• Provides ongoing teaching to show people how to follow Christ in everyday life.

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SALT Microfinance Solutions

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SALT is an acronym for Shared Accountability, Lending, and Teaching. The goal of this program is to help impoverished people find ways to provide for themselves and their families without depending on others for aid.

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