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Middle East in Crisis!

The war and violence that have gripped a large swath of the Middle East have forced millions of people to flee from their homes in Syria and Iraq. In Syria’s ongoing civil war, more than 250,000 people have died, and approximately 12 million have lost their homes or fled because of violence. In Iraq, the takeover of the vicious terrorist group, ISIS, has left thousands homeless, unsure what the future holds for them.

An overwhelming majority of those affected by these conflicts are women and children. Almost all of them have been traumatized; many have seen people dying or have been wounded themselves by the fighting. In Iraq, thousands of women, some of them very young girls, have been kidnapped and sold as slaves.

CAM is working with a number of groups in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq to bring food, mattress and other essentials to the refugees and displaced people in this time of tragedy.

The human suffering and the needs in the Middle East are huge. But these needs also present us with unique opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the Middle East.

We welcome your prayers and support for those who are suffering because of this crisis.

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