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Thousands of people who had been trapped in Aleppo, Syria, living in despair and fear, have been able to flee in recent weeks. Many are fleeing to wherever they can—to safer places inside Syria or to Jordan, Turkey or Lebanon.

Some who fled are arriving in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, where thousands of refugees have already settled over the past few years. While the new Aleppo refugees are relieved to be away from the conflict, they now face another crisis, one our contacts call a “life-threatening disaster”—Lebanon’s cold winter weather. Winter has hit the Bekaa Valley hard and temperatures recently dipped into the low 20s.

Most of the families, some with seven members per family, will have to live in 10-foot square tents. These makeshift shelters are ill equipped to withstand the cold.

Our contacts have identified some of the new families from Aleppo. Working through them, we plan to help in the following ways:

  • Provide food and hygiene packages to 200 refugee families
  • Provide 50 refugee families with winterization packages, including blankets, heaters, mattresses, coats, gloves, and plastic sheets and lumber to build tents
We welcome your prayers and support for those who are suffering because of this crisis. If you would like to help those displaced by the conflict in Syria, you may use the donation option below.

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