burn, Christian Aid Minstries
Children in the Middle East play beside the rubble of four tents that burned to the ground after a stove fire got out of control.

Children’s Story: Amira’s burn heals

Six-year-old Amira is from a refugee camp in the Middle East. She was born with special needs. Her family loves her dearly. Amira loves her family too.

burn, Christian Aid Minstries
Amira receives bandages that help her burn heal.

Recently Amira was excited to go to her sister’s wedding party. But the happy party was suddenly ruined when a fire broke out and many people got burned, including Amira and two of her sisters. Her stomach was badly burned, giving her terrible pain.

A few days later a medical team from America came to Amira’s tent to treat her burn. She whimpered and glanced at the foreigners, a little unsure of them. Amira’s big brother talked her into a deal. He said, “You let them treat your burn. I’ll give you money to buy snacks.”

Amira was delighted with the money! She allowed the foreigners to treat her burn but slapped the nurse when she thought it was taking too long! After the bandaging was finished, Amira ran out the door with the money in her little purse. Soon she returned with a snack and a bottle of cola.

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The medical team prepares the bandages for Amira.

Now when the medical team visits, Amira is happy to see them! When they arrive for a visit, Amira is often outside playing with her friends. She runs shyly into the tent to greet the women on the team with a kiss or her special thumbs-up fist bump.

Amira misses her sister, the bride who died from burns at the wedding. When her other twelve-year-old sister cried from pain as the medical team carefully removed the bandages that were stuck to her burn, Amira also cried with pity. But thanks to God’s healing and proper care, Amira and her sister’s burns are healing well. And it doesn’t hurt to have the bandages removed anymore! Amira and her family are so grateful for the medical team and the good care they provide.

Middle East Crisis...
Besides helping with burn care, we also give refugee children in the Middle East school supplies, food, and other things they need.