Middle East conflict, Christian Aid Ministries
An elderly man leaves a medical consultation by our staff in the Middle East.

Middle East conflict

Hakim,* a Syrian man, suffers from uncontrolled diabetes and sores on his feet. Since he was displaced by the Middle East conflict, it is difficult for him to receive the medical help he needs.

When our staff met Hakim, he had only a small amount of medicine on hand, but he didn’t use it because he was afraid it would run out and he wouldn’t be able to get more. Recently, our medical team began to care for him by washing the sores on his feet and supplying him with medicine and cream. Within five days, the sores had greatly improved!

In addition to healthcare and medicines, our staff and contacts in the Middle East distribute food parcels, comforters, hygiene kits, and other aid to war-weary people.

Our goal is to continue assisting refugees in the Middle East, but we are facing 2020 with a funding deficit for this project. If you wish to help, your support will be a tremendous blessing.

*Name changed to protect identity.