By a CAM staff member in Jerusalem.

Three-year-old Hiba* has been handicapped from birth. When some of my fellow staff members and I met her several months ago, Hiba was unable to sit on her own, and she showed no interest in anything around her.

With regular physiotherapy visits, Hiba learned to sit independently, but her slow progress and lack of interest in toys or people puzzled us.

As we visited with Hiba’s mother, we discovered that she had been under pressure from family members to subject Hiba to various forms of witchcraft every week. We strongly encouraged her to stop this practice, but we didn’t know if she would be able to withstand the pressure from her family.

A month later we visited again and were astonished with the change we saw. The mother had kept Hiba free from the influence of witchcraft, and now Hiba was laughing, making eye contact, playing, and even standing in front of a walker with help.

*Name changed to protect identity.