About us


Our people

We are a group of 30 Christian men who wish to be a blessing to our communities by providing strategic help during times of crisis.

Our training

All members are certified in:

  • CPR
  • ICS 100 & 700
  • SARTech level two equivalent

All members must also complete a supervised mock search before being allowed to join the team on a dispatched search.

Our equipment

  • SARTopo computerized mapping with GPS tracking
  • Printable maps and good documentation for record keeping.
  • Our own command trailer equipped with a 50 watt VHF private band radio system
  • A Staging system to help with managing civilian volunteers.
  • Bunk trailers for our teams for overnight searches
  • Our goal is to have team members on-site within 3-5 hours of the dispatch call
  • ALL services are provided free of charge. We are volunteers and are fully funded by the generous donations of our members and churches.

Our goals

  • Help local authorities search for lost or missing persons
  • Rescue injured people in wilderness areas
  • Show the love of Jesus to missing persons and their families
  • Show our neighbors who God is by a faith that works (James 2:26)
  • Train teams and have them ready to respond at short notice
  • Equip teams with the proper tools needed to organize and coordinate searches
  • Have people available to provide spiritual support for the families and friends of missing persons



My cousin went deer hunting on MN opener and hasn’t been seen since. Christian Aid Ministries reached out and wanted to help. They sent a 15+ team into the forest on both Thursday and Friday along with a few family/friend volunteers. CAM were extremely organized and was able to sweep almost each probable area based on how far he may have walked from his last known location. Unfortunately no luck, but the family was extremely grateful for Christian Aid Ministries efforts.


You are very professional. As we searched with your team members they are very good men. I am amazed!


You have an amazing resource here, and I can’t wait to call you the next time we need to do a search.

-Regional EMS director

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