Hunger in Haiti

International Crisis
Published August 06, 2013 13:00

Haitians enrolled in CAM’s food-for-work program repair a road.

Hunger is not new in Haiti. Many Haitians cannot afford a balanced diet, have limited access to food, or go without eating some days. But this past year the hunger worsened after a series of droughts and storms.

Last year’s drought destroyed key crops, followed by flooding from Tropical Storm Isaac and Hurricane Sandy. Now the country is suffering yet another drought.

“The people are hungry and have very little means to provide food,” says Eris Labady, a long-time CAM contact. He told of an area he drove through where the beans should be about ready to harvest and the corn should be tasseling. But there was nothing. “Some people will be dying,” says Labady.

The hunger has also hurt the children’s education. One news report told about a school in Gauthier that can hold 100 students, but only 43 are enrolled. The children are too hungry to learn. “They’re too distracted, and I have to send them home,” said Sainvileun, the pastor who runs the tiny schoolhouse.

Rainy season is past now, and there is little possibility of a crop this year anymore. “For people who live on the edge of survival with little to no reserve, drought and crop failure spells hunger and hardship,” says Glenn Zimmerman, CAM staff member in Haiti.


In response to the hunger crisis, CAM is distributing food parcels and nutritional bars, along with seeds and the book 25 Favorite Stories from the Bible. The parcels are given as part of a food-for-work program to those willing to work on roads badly damaged by the hurricanes. In addition, we are giving parcels to widows and elderly and handicapped people.

A Haitian woman carries home her food parcel.

If you would like to help provide food, Bible story books, and seeds to hungry people in Haiti, please use the “Donate Now” button below. You will be able to select either a one-time donation or monthly recurring gift using your credit card or bank account.


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