I Still Have a Hope!

Published November 12, 2012 12:00

A Help-for-the-Elderly food parcel brings hope to Osner’s life and a smile to his face.


Seventy-three-year-old Osner in Segur, Haiti, is going through difficult times. Two months ago, his wife died, and he now lives with one of his children. Shortly after his wife’s death, thieves stole the five beef cows he looked forward to selling for greatly needed cash.

CAM staff heard of Osner’s needs and added him to the Help-for-the-Elderly (HFTE) food parcel program. When he received his first parcel, Osner stated, “Even though I have lost a lot, I still have a hope in Jesus!” The food, healthcare items, cash, and Christian literature are truly a blessing for Osner in his devastation.

Liceny Romelus, also from Segur, Haiti, has been a widow for fourteen years. At sixty-two, she has no source of income and depends on her only son for food and shelter. The January 2010 earthquake destroyed the house where Liceny lived with her son and his family. Their only option was to build a makeshift house out of the scrap tin from the roof of their destroyed house.

Although life is difficult for Liceny and her family, they have hope with the help of their monthly HFTE food parcels. Liceny says, “Thank you and God bless you” to the sponsors who help make it possible for her to survive.

Maria Barnea is grateful for the food parcel, comforter, and clothing provided by Help-for-the-Elderly supporters.


The HFTE program is also greatly benefiting the elderly in Romania, including a woman named Maria Barnea. She tries to earn a living by growing vegetables and raising a few chickens. Although she receives a monthly government pension of $45 USD, it is not enough to pay for the medication she needs for her heart problems. Maria may lack material things, but she is full of faith and love for God and the church. A brother from her congregation commented, “Today in our church, if there is any repentance and faith in God, it is because of her example.”

Widow Viorica Bardalache from Suceava receives a food parcel every other month. Her only child still at home is mentally handicapped, and her other children who have left home lack the finances to support their mother.

For people like Osner, Liceny, Maria, and Viorica, the food, healthcare items, and cash in the HFTE boxes help make their difficult lives a little easier.

Thank you, supporters, for your part in providing hope for these needy people!

Many elderly people are suffering in Romania, Haiti, Liberia, Moldova, and Nicaragua. Would you like to help make their lives a little easier with a food parcel? Please use the “Donate Now” button below. You will be able to make a one-time donation using your credit card or bank account.


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