Light in the Darkness

Middle East Ministries
Published April 19, 2012 18:00

Six-year-old Anwar has fun practicing his writing in his special chair from CAM.

The shadow of unrest grows darker over Israel and surrounding regions as tensions mount between Israel and its neighbors. Where will the people turn for peace and hope as they face a shaky future and almost certain war? Our main goal for the Middle East Ministries (MEM) program is to be the compassionate hands and feet of Jesus, who is the only source of true peace.

Although this region is one of the most religious areas in the world, few people have actually been touched by God’s love. An excellent way to soften hearts and bring hope is by getting involved in people’s everyday lives and ministering to their physical needs.

In Israel and the West Bank, the CAM Hope-for-the-Handicapped (HFTH) program reaches out to needy cripples, amputees, and other disabled people. Six-year-old Anwar cannot walk but has a very clever mind. CAM gave him a special wheelchair with a desktop that will help him do his schoolwork. Margarite, a petite little girl with cerebral palsy, had a high temperature at birth and was not expected to live. Today she is alive and happy for the wheelchair she received from CAM.

The gift of a wheelchair brings a smile to Margarite's face.

Thank you, supporters, for blessing people in the Middle East in many ways, but most importantly, with prayer! Many needy people have yet to be reached in this land of the Bible.

To help needy individuals in the Middle East feel the touch of Jesus, please use the “Donate Now” button below. You will be able to select either a one-time or monthly recurring donation using your credit card or bank account. Supporters’ donations make it possible for CAM to provide wheelchairs, food parcels, emergency aid, and sources of income for needy people through our various programs.


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