Taking the edge off hunger and hardship

Published November 12, 2012 13:00

Marlon Jose works in agriculture three days a week. His sparse income leaves big gaps of hunger and need in their home, and they are thankful for the relief of a monthly food parcel.

When the rains come in Nicaragua, children play in muddy streets and women cook with their feet in mud. Plastic walls and dirt floors don’t offer much protection from the elements. But a well-built house is not the biggest concern when children are crying and hunger is weakening adult bodies and spirits. Solid walls take time and money, and Nicaraguan families have neither when they are trying to find their next meal.

Hunger. Nicaraguan families know it too well— the way it drags down a person’s immune system and slows one’s ability to think and relate. Hunger saps energy, the desire to learn, and the desire to build a better life. These families work hard on the land, cutting wheat by machete and cleaning fields by hand. But an income of $2 a day does not reach around when their country’s food prices are about the same as prices in the U.S. In Nicaragua, the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, some families eat only one meal a day in order to save some food for the next day.

For those on CAM’s Nicaragua-Adopt-A-Family program, a food parcel each month brings some relief. Marlon Jose says, “If we would lose this help, it would be like losing my arm! It’s a blessing from God.” Although the family’s needs are not all met, the flour, cooking oil, canned chicken, and beans take the edge off hunger and hardship.

Sponsors send 750 family food parcels to Nicaragua each month. In the rural areas, where there is little access to medical care, the medicines in the parcels are especially welcome.

Jose and Juana Sanchez care for their three granddaughters who were abandoned by their parents. Though her situation is difficult, Juana keeps her sense of humor: “God grant you long life,” she says, “so you can keep sending us this help!” She shows CAM staff the well-worn but carefully preserved card that enables her to get a parcel and exclaims, “I treasure this card like the apple of my eye!”

Would you like to help provide relief for Nicaraguan families struggling in poverty? If so, please use the “Donate Now” button below. You will be able to make a one-time donation using your credit card or bank account.


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