Along a muddy trail in Boaco, Nicaragua, live Lionzo and Julia Trujillo. Seven people, including their daughter, granddaughter, and several great-grandchildren, live with them in a small dirt-floor house. This family receives a food parcel from CAM every month. Julia, 84, is especially fond of CAM’s tender canned chicken. In fact, we were told she likes it better than any other chicken! Grateful for CAM’s assistance, Lionzo says, “God has blessed us.”

Through the Nicaragua-Adopt-A-Family program, CAM distributes food parcels to about 750 needy Nicaraguan families every month. The 45-pound parcels contain rice, beans, cooking oil, canned chicken, healthcare items, and more. The Antorcha de la Verdad (Torch of Truth) Christian family magazine included with the parcel provides spiritual nourishment.

The Trujillo home in Nicaragua

The Trujillo home in Nicaragua

“The Scripture says don’t worry about what to eat or wear,” says Lionzo’s daughter Maria. “In good times and bad times, we need to thank God.”

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YES, I intend to sponsor a poor family in Nicaragua. I understand each $59 provides 45 pounds or more of food and healthcare items.

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