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Our people

Our Search & Rescue team is composed of highly trained and dedicated individuals that volunteer their time and expertise to assist local emergency services in finding the lost and missing.

Our equipment

Our team has a command trailer equipped with computers, mapping software, GPS units, communications system (handheld radios and repeater), and more. We also have a rescue boat with high quality SONAR for water searches and rescues.

Our goals

  • Help local authorities search for lost or missing persons
  • Rescue injured people in wilderness areas
  • Show the love of Jesus to missing persons and their families
  • Show our neighbors who God is by a faith that works (James 2:26)
  • Train teams and have them ready to respond at short notice
  • Equip teams with the proper tools needed to organize and coordinate searches
  • Have people available to provide spiritual support for the families and friends of missing persons



I would like to acknowledge the hard work that everyone contributed during this search and recovery. We are fortunate to work with so many dedicated people and have leaders with the ability to network, organize, and communicate with multiple agencies to achieve a common goal.

–Mark R. Smith, Major (TWL) ODNR, Division of Parks and Watercraft, Columbus, Ohio

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