2017 Annual Open House

November 3-4, 2017 | Ephrata, Pennsylvania

Join us at the CAM
Annual Open House event!

You are invited to CAM’s 2017 Open House. Speakers will share about the devastation Hurricane Harvey recently brought to Texas, CAM’s work among refugees in the Middle East, how Gospel billboards are impacting seekers in the United States, and much more.
Expect to be informed and inspired! No event registration or admission fee is required.

Our exhibit area will include:

    • Liberian medical clinic. What would it be like if your doctor diagnosed a serious sickness but had no medicines to help you? See how clinics in the developing world often operate with minimal resources and even do without basic medicines and supplies.
    • South Sudan exhibit. Learn about CAM projects in one of the world’s neediest countries. Listen to Samiya’s story to get a glimpse of tribal life in South Sudan from a child’s perspective.
    • Haitian schoolhouse. Let your children sit inside a replica of a Haitian schoolhouse and experience the sights of a Haitian classroom.
    • Refugee tent. Feel the cramped spaces of a refugee tent, similar to what millions of refugees in the Middle East call home.
    • Informational displays. See cultural items from various countries where CAM operates and read about world poverty.

Throughout the day on Saturday is an excellent time to browse our exhibits before the crowd arrives for the evening slide presentation.

Open House 2016

Event Location

Christian Aid Ministries
Ephrata, Pennsylvania Warehouse

2412 Division Highway, Ephrata, PA 17522
Phone: (717)-354-2434

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Nearest Airports
Harrisburg, PA (45 min)
Philadelphia, PA (1 hour 15 min)
Baltimore, MD (2 hours)

Schedule of Events

The same slides will be shown on Friday and Saturday evening.

Slide presentation for seniors

This event is open to seniors only, but caregivers are also welcome to attend.

Thursday, November 2

3:00 p.m.     Singing and devotional meditation
3:30-5:15     Slides about CAM programs

Bookstore and exhibit area open

Evening Slide Presentation

November 3 & 4, Friday and Saturday evenings

The same slides will be shown each evening.

6:30 p.m.     Singing and devotional meditation
7:00-8:45     Slides about CAM programs

Nicaragua-Adopt-A-Family Louie Yoder, Nicaragua
Medicines-for-Multitudes James Yoder, Ohio
Hurricane Harvey Devastates Texas Chris Troyer, Texas
International Crisis Projects David Leid, Ohio
Sponsor-A-Church-LeaderStanley Fox, Pennsylvania
Adopt-A-FamilyEllis Schrock, Romania
Sponsor-A-Refugee-ChildCAM staff member
Hygiene Kits Rachel Mast, Ohio

Children’s story time with Johnny Miller

War in Yemen CAM Staff
Clothing Bundle ProjectEllis Schrock, Romania
How Aid Opens Doors into Liberia’s Bush James Yoder, Ohio
Loaves & Fishes Food KitchenLuke Miller, Pennsylvania
SALT Agri-Plus Clint Bower, Haiti
Bibles-for-the-WorldPhilip Troyer, Ohio
Christian Literature for Nicaragua Louie Yoder, Nicaragua
Working Where Jesus Walked CAM staff member
Children Around the WorldGary Miller, Idaho
Haiti-Sponsor-A-ChildJeriah Mast, Haiti
Billboard Evangelism Dwayne Stoltzfus, Ohio
Refugee Discipleship Center – GreeceDean Taylor, Minnesota
Helping India’s Widows and OrphansJon Barnhart, Georgia
Middle East Crisis, Mosul ProjectCAM staff member

Bookstore and exhibit area open until 10:00 p.m.

Saturday, November 4

Biblical Stewardship Services Estate
Planning Seminar
This seminar will cover things to consider when planning an estate, making or updating your will and/or trust, and Biblical principles related to estate transfer.
Roman Mullet, Ohio | Steve Yoder, Ohio

8:00 a.m.
Bookstore / exhibit area opens

Singing and devotional meditation

Hurricane Harvey
How CAM is responding to one of the most serious floods in U.S. history
Chris Troyer

Reaching out to the 2nd Poorest Country in the Western World
Louie Yoder, Nicaragua

Loaves and Fishes for Disaster Survivors
Luke Miller, Pennsylvania

Romania—36 Years and Counting
Why is CAM still there?
Ellis Schrock, Romania

Biblical Stewardship Services
Services that might benefit you
Steve Yoder, Ohio

Breakout Session I
Iraqi Interactions during the Liberation of Mosul
CAM staff member
will repeat in session III

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Post Hurricane Matthew
Are communities recovering?
Jeriah Mast, Haiti

Middle Eastern Christians
Who they are and what they face
CAM staff member

will repeat in session II

11:30 Carry-in Lunch
Please bring sandwiches and other finger foods. Beverages will be provided. Thank you. Bookstore and exhibit area open.

1:15 p.m.
Comments from the General Director
David Troyer, Ohio

Teaching and Tools for Indigenous Church Leaders
Stanley Fox, Pennsylvania

Breakout Session II
Middle Eastern Christians
Who they are and what they face
CAM staff member

What billboard callers ask and how we respond
A question and answer time with several phone team members
Johnny Miller, OH | John D. Martin, PA | Curt Wagoner, OH

The heart behind the hijab
CAM staff member

Breakout Session III
The seeker next door
Do your neighbors really believe you have what they need?
Gary Miller, Idaho

Iraqi Interactions during the Liberation of Mosul
CAM staff member

We have this moment
How a crisis is presenting an unusual opportunity in Greece
Dean Taylor, Minnesota

will repeat in session IV

Breakout Session IV
Search & Rescue after Hurricane Harvey
Hear stories of the intense hours following the storm
Marcus Miller, Ohio

Learning alongside farmers in the developing world
Clint Bower, Haiti

We have this moment
How a crisis is presenting an unusual opportunity in Greece
Dean Taylor, Minnesota

will repeat in session IV


Bookstore and exhibit area open all day
Evening Slide presentation will follow at 6:30 p.m.

New CAM-published books

Arriving just in time for Open House


New CAM-published books arriving just in time for open house include Wonders of the Sea and A Day at the Zoo by Mike Atnip, 2018 Guiding House by Diana Overholt, Bread Upon the Water by Elizabeth Wagler, Song of the Shepherdess by Gwen Hertzler, and others. A number of book specials are available, including a new discount for some of our evangelism tools!

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