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Corruption, political violence, and rampant inflation make life difficult for the 6.8 million residents of Nicaragua. But despite Nicaragua’s perplexing problems, God is at work, bringing redemption in the midst of pain and poverty. Through food, medicines, SALT Microfinance teaching, and discipleship programs, CAM staff in Nicaragua extend Jesus’ love to the hurting and helpless. As pressure against US-based organizations increases, it is unclear how long this window of opportunity will be open.

Job Descriptions

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Current Staff

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Amaya Family Anita Samuel Alex Front Andrew Mirian Amy Alisa

Samuel & Mirian Amaya

Clinic Administrator

Gregory Katrina Good 2023

Greg & Katrina Good

Maintenance Manager

Chris Lambright family 2024 1

Chris & Sharon Lambright

Medicine Program Director

Jamison Jessica Overholt SALT Director Since April 2021 Whiteville Tennessee

Jamison & Jessica Overholt

SALT Program Director

Rosie Lengacher

Rosie Lengacher


CAM Nicaragua Base

Hermandad Cristiana Church of Managua

The Managua Christian brotherhood was founded in 2009 by the Waslala Christian Brotherhood Churches at the request of Christian Aid Ministries. The goal was to provide a local church for the benefit of the CAM Managua staff, as well as a local church to direct local seekers to.


TITLE: Biblical Discipleship Center Director

COUNTRY: Managua, Nicaragua


Biblical Discipleship Center (BDC)

  • Administrate BDC program and activities
  • Contact and schedule Spanish speaking teachers from Central America
  • Hire and oversee BDC staff with approval from superiors
  • Promote the BDC Program to native pastors
    • Develop BDC brochures
    • Develop BDC applications
    • Maintain BDC policies and guidelines
    • Track applications and communicate
  • Schedule seminars
  • Prepare workbooks for student pastors
  • Seminar activities
    • Give orientation at start of each seminar
    • Pass out workbooks
    • Read and explain the BDC Policy and Guidelines
    • Teach as needed and once language is learned
    • Give homework assignments
    • Give tests and evaluations at the end of each series
    • Track test scores of students
    • Give certificates
    • Oversee afternoon and evening activities for students
  • Financial accounting
    • Keep financial records of student tuition
    • Reimburse transportation costs to students
    • Account for all BDC expenditures and income
    • Work with the CAM bookkeeper on all accounting


  • Help with preaching and church work when asked by the Managua church ministry
  • Assist in working out interpersonal staff conflicts when needed


TITLE: Bookkeeper

COUNTRY: Managua, Nicaragua



  • Record all cash movement from bank to safe
  • Record all cash movement from cash drawer to recipient
  • Prepare cash advances as approved by the Field Director or Department Managers
  • Reconcile all cash advances as soon as practical after recipient’s return to base
  • All cash movements are to be in the Dynamics SL Accounting System daily if possible
  • Exchange money to local currency as required


  • Record all income received
  • Record all expenses incurred
  • File and retain a paper trail of all income and expenses
  • Be responsible to oversee inventory records and systems
  • Work with the Nicaraguan accountant in filing all necessary reports


  • Prepare payroll as instructed by the Field Director
  • Pay all necessary payroll taxes in a timely manner

Bank Accounts

  • Maintain a separate register for each bank account used
  • Reconcile all Nicaraguan bank accounts monthly
  • File an electronic copy of all monthly bank statements

Provide for Ohio Accounting Department Monthly (by the 5th business day of the month)

  • An export of all general ledger activity for the month
  • A Trial Balance report in pdf format
  • A Detail General Ledger report in pdf format
  • A checking account register for all checking accounts used, in Excel format
  • A list of all cash account balances in Excel format
  • A record of all cash exchanges in Excel format
  • A copy of all Nicaraguan bank account statements

Computer Maintenance

  • Do daily backups of all data in the computer system
  • Be responsible for installation, setup, and maintenance of all computers and software
  • Be responsible for trouble shooting computer hardware and software problems
  • Maintain integrity and security in the computer network
  • Be responsible for printers and other computer accessories


  • Print food parcel distribution reports
  • Complete the legal process of hiring new employees


TITLE: Field Director

COUNTRY: Managua, Nicaragua


Specific Programs: Humanitarian Aid, Nicaragua-Adopt-A-Family, Support-A-Widow, Help-for-the-Elderly, Family-Self-Support, Special Needs Fund, and Self-Help

  • Oversee and distribute aid to needy people in the country
    • Research areas of the poorest of the poor
  • Develop and research ways to help the people in Nicaragua
  • Manage International Food parcels
  • Setup and maintain sewing centers or churches that work with CAM on sewing centers
  • Work with International Crisis when projects come up within the country
  • Look for ways to improve the efficiency of the programs
  • Responsible to hire national workers as needed for all programs
  • Distribute clothing, baby bundles, and school kits
  • Receive and distribute the Antorcha (Torch of Truth) as well as distribute all Christian literature
  • Work with the custom broker in clearing containers
  • Manage shipping and receiving of goods
  • Work with the bookkeeper for financial reports as needed
  • Work with the national accountant to stay abreast of current employees’ legalities
  • Maintain a clear line of distinction in each specific field of responsibility
  • Purchase and maintain all CAM vehicles
  • Maintain and provide security of the CAM Managua, Nicaragua base
  • Set up and maintain perimeters for staff children


TITLE: Maintenance Manager

COUNTRY: Managua, Nicaragua


Summary: Direct and coordinate activities of workers engaged in construction and maintenance of CAM’s buildings, grounds, equipment, and utility systems by performing the following duties personally or through subordinates. Additional duties may be assigned as necessary.

  • Responsible for general maintenance of grounds and all buildings and equipment on main CAM base and Biblical Discipleship Center base.
  • Schedule and oversee installation, maintenance, and repair of cooling systems in staff houses and offices.
  • Develop preventive maintenance programs in conjunction with staff.
  • Maintain maintenance records on all CAM vehicles.
  • Direct workers and contractors engaged in building and grounds maintenance activities, such as mowing lawns, removing weeds, raking and disposing of leaves and refuse, painting, construction projects, etc.
  • Directly supervise employees in the maintenance department. Carry out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with CAM’s policies and applicable laws.
  • Responsible to supervise tool inventory, e.g. take care of requests to borrow tools and ensure that tools are returned.


TITLE: Medicine Program Director

COUNTRY: Managua, Nicaragua


Specific Programs: Medicine, Special Needs Fund, and assist with Self-Help

  • Oversee medicine program
    • Submit the medicine order list to the Ohio Office
    • Overseeing the preparation of the medicine list
    • Overseeing the medicine preparation for distribution
    • Overseeing the medicine distribution
    • Visiting the clinics periodically to check for accuracy
  • Research and develop Self-Help programs
    • Research ways that we can help the people help themselves
    • Work with national staff and pastors for advice for the Self-Help program
    • Work with Field Director for advice to develop the Self-Help program
  • Maintain and purchase vehicles needed for the Self-Help and Medicine program.
  • Assist Field Director when hiring national workers for the Medicine and Self-Help programs with prior approval from Ohio office
  • Responsible for the guest house
    • Take care of guest house scheduling. Provide guest transportation to and from airport/bus terminals as necessary
    • Keep guest house stocked with basic foods and household supplies
    • Oversee guest house maintenance and general functions
  • Responsible to clean warehouse building and keep inventory orderly
  • Assist Field Director in receiving and distributing the Antorchas
  • Develop and research ways to help the people in Nicaragua
  • Work with the financial office for inventory record keeping management
  • Look for ways to improve the efficiency of the programs
  • Set up and maintain perimeters for staff children


TITLE: SALT Program Director

COUNTRY: Managua, Nicaragua


Legal Status

  • Assist CAM Country Supervisor with research and maintenance of the legal status for SALT in Nicaragua
  • Collect all necessary documentation to ensure accurate reporting to the government
  • Maintain the statutes of CAM / SALT in Nicaragua


  • Liaison between SALT Nicaragua and SALT Oversight Committee
  • Maintain compliance to CAM SALT guidelines

Program Management

  • Bring SALT reports to the monthly / weekly staff meeting at the CAM base in Nicaragua
  • Oversee hiring and managing Regional Loan Managers under Model 4
    • Ensure that teachers are receiving periodic teaching and refresher courses including annual loan manager training
    • Develop new teachers with a training program
  • Travel with Regional Managers to monitor general operations as much as possible
  • Ensure that proper teaching (business & spiritual) is occurring at all locations where SALT is operating
  • Manage and oversee sending new loan requests to the SALT Country Supervisor
  • Assist Loan Managers with client evaluations, poverty scoring, and project success, etc.
  • Assist Loan Managers with problem accounts and payment schedules

Salt Promotion

  • Meet with interested churches, missions, and mission boards to explain the SALT program to their in-country staff
  • Assist Franchise Missions with setting up SALT at their base
  • Discuss new partnerships with SALT Operations Committee and validate Franchise Mission Board Approval before partnering with them
  • Assist with Vocational School / AgriPlus program implementation when needed

Secretary / Bookkeeper

(use indigenous staff for data entry whenever possible)

  • Assist Bookkeeper with maintaining bank accounts and accurate records of the SALT financial activity
  • Enter SALTware data when needed
  • Print documents needed from SALTware for the Supervisor and Loan Manager


TITLE: Schoolteacher

COUNTRY: Managua, Nicaragua


  • Plan, prepare and deliver instructional activities that facilitate active learning experiences.
  • Develop schemes of work and lesson plans as well as prepare classroom for class activities.
  • Observe and evaluate student’s performance and development.
  • Assign and grade class work, homework, tests and assignments.
  • Monitor and encourage the progress of individual students.
  • Maintain accurate and complete records of students’ progress and development.
  • Manage student behavior in the classroom and on the playground in accordance with the rules and expectations of the school.
  • Apply appropriate disciplinary measures where necessary.
  • Participate in school meetings and parent meetings.
  • Participate in extracurricular activities such as field trips, etc.
  • Communicate necessary information regularly to students, colleagues, and parents regarding student progress and student needs.


  • Assist with household duties at place of residence. Assist as necessary with needs on the compound other than just school-related duties.
  • Participate in church activities such as teaching Sunday School, etc. as needed.


TITLE: Secretary

COUNTRY: Managua, Nicaragua



  • Food Parcel Program entries and updates
  • Prepare Food Parcel Program reports for distribution
  • Prepare money envelopes for food parcels
  • Assist bookkeeper with inventory
  • Assist bookkeeper with payroll
  • Maintain mileage records
  • Disperse, receive, and reconcile cash advances
  • Maintain cash transaction records in excel and Dynamics; reconcile cash drawer
  • Maintain SALTWare entries
  • Assist bookkeeper and field director with other duties as needed


  • Share responsibility with bookkeeper’s wife to buy milk and eggs once a week, as mutually satisfactory
  • Keep cleaning supplies stocked for warehouse offices and bathroom. Keep bathroom clean and stocked between regular cleanings by maid. Do ‘in between’ cleaning as necessary.
  • Prepare snack and coffee for Monday morning devotions
  • Assist with baby bundle distributions

Lucas & Julianna Miller

Malachi, Micah, Ivania, Ezekiel, Rita, Abigail

BDC Director

Randy & Sharla Geiser

Karmen, Jaden, Brielle, Shane


Samuel & Mirian Amaya

Alex, Anita, Andrew, Alisa, Amy


Kevin & Charlotte Steiner

Austin, Gwen, Trenton, Kara, Jennifer, Bryant


Greg & Katrina Good

Grant, Ryan


Chris & Sharon Lambright



Melissa High


Rebekah Yoder


Jamison & Jessica Overholt

Brooklynn, Tyler, Megan, Tristan, Travis


Lauretta Stittleburg


Rosie Lengacher


Lucinda Weaver


Overview of the Managua Christian Brotherhood (Hermandad Cristiana de Managua).


The Managua Christian brotherhood was founded in 2009 by the Waslala Christian Brotherhood Churches at the request of Christian Aid Ministries. The goal was to provide a local church for the benefit of the CAM Managua staff, as well as a local church to direct local seekers to. Managua was chosen as the location for this new outreach church in part to avoid being too close to the Masaya Mission. Also because there was a vision to do inner city outreach.

Timo Miller, who was a minister at the Jicaral congregation, was sent as the first pastor. After the Miller family left Nicaragua in 2016, the Jinotega church, under the direction of Bishop David Friesen, took over responsibility for the church. Since then, David Friesen has been giving Bishop oversight, with local leadership consisting of commissioned brothers. This has typically consisted of a Latino brother as well as an assisting brother from CAM.


The church is located in the Santa Clara barrio of Managua. GPS coordinates ( 12°09’24.7”N  86°13’51.4”W ) The congregation consists of the CAM staff families, as well as several Nicaraguan members. We also regularly have numerous visiting people in our services. Sunday attendance is typically between 50-70 people.

We have services weekly on Sunday morning. We also have a Wednesday evening service 4 times a month. On the second Sunday of each month, we have a fellowship meal. On the months where there are five Sundays, there is a song service instead of Sunday school. All services are in Spanish. The spirited Spanish singing is a highlight!

There are four Sunday school classes. Preschool, Junior, Youth, and Adult. Spanish Lamp and Light Sunday School curriculum is used.

Following is an overview of Sunday morning services:



Sunday School…….……………….…..…….9:55

Song and memory verse………..………10:25



Wednesday evening services are from 6-7pm.

The Managua Brotherhood and Christian Aid Ministries’ leadership developed the following policy to better meet the needs of the church and CAM staff. Taking into consideration the continual turnover of CAM staff, the following membership options are offered to CAM staff.

CAM Staff relationship with the Managua Christian Brotherhood

Associate Membership

All staff are expected to seek associate membership with the Managua Christian Brotherhood within six months of arriving in Nicaragua.

Associate membership brings the privilege for staff members to participate in communion. They would also be expected to participate in activities such as teaching Sunday School, leading out in devotions or worship, and sharing the message as called upon. This will help to bring a level of accountability to CAM Staff members. It is also a blessing to the local brotherhood and national members to have this level of involvement.

Associate membership does not require compliance with the Managua Christian Brotherhood Standards. However, each staff member is expected to comply with their home church standards.

The Managua ministry will seek to reach out to all incoming staff soon after arrival, and staff will be invited into associate membership. CAM administration is requesting that Nica staff would receive this associate membership within six months of arrival. When the new staff is ready, they would then be formally welcomed into associate membership in the Managua church by means of a simple announcement in a church service. If this goal is not achieved, then the Managua Christian Brotherhood leadership would communicate this back to the CAM Nicaragua Country Supervisor and to the ministry of the involved staff members, who will then be responsible to make disposition of the issue.

This six-month interval will give both new staff, and the Managua Brotherhood time to learn to know each other. Communion will be optional on a visitor basis before the six-month timeframe.

Shared Membership

After the first six months, an invitation is extended by the Managua Christian Brotherhood to receive shared membership in the church. Shared membership is considered optional by both the church and CAM, but we believe it can bring additional blessings to those who seek it. In addition to the privileges granted with associate membership, shared membership would also give voice and vote privilege in the church. It would also require compliance with the standards of the Managua Christian Brotherhood. Attendance at Wednesday Evening services would also be encouraged. The church would expect greater accountability at this level.

Full Membership

Full membership is also be a possibility for long-term staff. This would be full, sole membership in the Managua Christian Brotherhood.