Disaster Response Services

CAM's Disaster Response Services (DRS) reaches out to communities in the United States that have been devastated by disasters.




Disaster Response Services

Rebuilding projects

If long-term recovery help is needed in a disaster area, our Disaster Response Services (DRS) program sets up a base, and we schedule volunteer work teams to rebuild homes. Recipients are those who are underinsured, low-income, and have nowhere else to turn for help. DRS rebuilding projects can last from several months to several years, providing opportunities for our staff and volunteers to build relationships and show Christ’s love to people in the United States.

Rapid Response Services

Cleanup projects

Rapid Response Services offers cleanup services to individuals and communities affected by natural disasters. Rapid Response teams in various locations in the U.S. facilitate quick response to disasters close to home. The goal of a Rapid Response team is to move into a community within 24 hours to investigate the damages and to bring in volunteers within 48 hours to help with preliminary cleanup. Volunteers help cut up trees, remove debris, clean out flooded houses, and install tarps on damaged roofs.

Search & Rescue

“To seek and to save” (Luke 19:10)

Each day an average of 136 people go missing in the United States. Many places lack the expertise and equipment to locate missing persons. To help fill this need, CAM has launched Search & Rescue as an arm of Rapid Response Services.

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Search & Rescue

Projects to date

Houses rebuilt or repaired


Cleanup and rebuilding projects

Hours of labor

Details on Rapid Response projects

Albany, GA Tornado Jan 3-5
Monte Rio, CA Flooding Jan 14
Hattiesburg, MS Tornado Jan 23-24
Thomasville & Albany, GA Tornado Jan 23-Feb 24
San Jose, CA Flood Feb 25-Mar 11
Hellam York, PA Tornado Feb 27-Mar 1
Cocalico, PA Tornado Feb 27-Mar 6
Perrysville, MO Tornado Feb 28-Mar 4
Cottage Grove, TN Wind Mar 1
Fort Branch, IN Tornado Mar 3
St. Joe, Parthenon, Big Flat, AR Tornado Mar 3-10
Dekalb, TX Fire Mar 7
Oak Grover, MO Tornado Mar 7-9
Marys Home, MO Tornado Mar 8
Dorchester, WI Tornado Mar 9
Decaturville, TN Tornado Mar 30-31
Leesburg, OH Tornado Mar 23
Ellaville, GA Tornado April 5-7
Hasty, AR Tornado April 5
Marshallville, GA Tornado April 27-28
Harrison, AR Flood May 2-3
Eustace, TX Tornado May 1-5
Kilmichael, MS Tornado May 5
Thomasville, MO Flood May 4-18
Van Buren, MO Flood May 11-27
Charles City, IA Wind May 16-17
Salem, IN Flood May 22
Chetek, WI Tornado May 26
Gleason, WI Tornado June 12
Beldenville, WI Tornado June 30-July 1
Midland, MI Flood July 3-8
Mason City, IA Wind July 15
Pearl City, IL Flood July 25-26
Findlay, OH Flood July 18 & 25
Riceville, IA Wind July 20 & 25
Freeport, IL Flood Aug 1-4
Alta Vista, IA Wind Aug 10
Texas Hurriane Harvey Hurricane Sept 4-Oct 27
California Wild Fire June 29-Sept 9
Florida Hurricane Irma Hurricane Sept 14-27
Galion, OH Tornado Nov 7-8
Portland, IN Tornado Nov 11

Updates from the field

Notes from our mailbox

I went back to see the damage to my home and saw that everything that was on the floor…was ruined and getting moldy. I didn’t know where to start or what to do, then a man named John Beiler came to my door and told me of Christian Aid Ministries. I just cried with relief.

Recipient from South Carolina

Words simply cannot express my gratitude…You literally saved my home. There is no way I could have gotten through this without your help, emotionally or physically. You are a God-send and I think you are really angels.

Recipient from Colorado

You all ministered in more ways than just cutting tree limbs and dragging them to the street. All of you were such a great testimony to all my family.

Recipient from Florida

We can never thank you enough for helping us through a difficult time in Clendenin, West Virginia. The wonderful team. . . worked so hard and prayed with us before leaving. . . We will always be grateful.

Recipient from West Virginia

How can you help?

If you wish to help fund rebuilding and cleanup projects, please use the contribution form below.

Disaster Response Services/Rapid Response

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