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About us

Our people

Our Search & Rescue teams are composed of highly trained and dedicated individuals that volunteer their time and expertise to assist local emergency services in finding the lost and missing. Since 2016, they have been working to reunite the missing with their loved ones.

Our locations

Currently our teams are located in Ohio, Arkansas, Illinois, Tennessee,Oklahoma, Virginia, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana and Pennsylvania, with more teams being established. Team members are from Amish, Mennonite, and other conservative Anabaptist communities and have a commitment to hard work and attention to detail. Teams are equipped to be self-sustained, not placing undue burdens on the community dealing with the emergency.

Our equipment

Each team has a command trailer equipped with computers, mapping software, GPS units, communications system (handheld radios and repeater), and more. We also have rescue boats with high quality SONAR for water searches and rescues. When Hurricane Harvey struck Texas, our rescue boats were kept busy rescuing 429 people from floodwaters.

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Each day an average of 136 people go missing in the United States. Many areas have limited resources available to respond to these incidents. To help fill this need, CAM launched our Search & Rescue operation in 2016 with highly trained and qualified persons.

While our primary focus is on search and rescue incidents that include wilderness and water, our teams also train for disaster response in both rescuing and searching here in the United States and other countries where assistance is needed.

Helping to search for lost and missing persons gives us an opportunity to reach out and touch the lives of people right here in our homeland. Our ultimate goal is to show the love and compassion of Christ to people in distress.


Our Goals

  • Help local authorities search for lost or missing persons
  • Rescue injured people in wilderness areas
  • Show the love of Jesus to missing persons and their families
  • Show our neighbors who God is by a faith that works (James 2:26)
  • Train teams and have them ready to respond at short notice
  • Equip teams with the proper tools needed to organize and coordinate searches
  • Have people available to provide spiritual support for the families and friends of missing persons

Our teams

Our activity

Recent Search & Rescue incidents:


Incident Location



Hamilton, OH



Jamestown, KY



Afton, VA



College Corner, OH



Hagerville, AR



Ceres, VA



Shelby Co, MO



Peebles, OH



Riverton, IL



Witts Springs, AR



Franklin, OH



Long Creek, AR



Boscobel, WI


5/2 & 9/2020

Bowling Green, KY


4/29-30 & 5/5/2020

Sidney, OH



Salt Lick, KY



Saltville, VA



Shevlin, MN



Blacksburg, VA



Fertile, IA


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I have been doing this for 10 years, and I have never seen an operation as organized as this.

-Emergency Management Agency Official

As the Incident Commander I wanted to pass on my personal thanks to the entire team. Your professionalism, dedication and spirit were clear to everyone. Your work was excellent…Thank you all again for your support.

-Incident Commander, Dutch Mountain Command

On Saturday, March 25, the Arkansas Search & Rescue team responded to a call to rescue a male who had fallen while hiking. The call came around 2:30 p.m. The man, in his fifties, had been hiking to a falls on the Mulberry River with his wife. He fell over 20 feet and couldn’t walk. Our team responded immediately.
They found the man and started the long, hard trek to carry him out. The team had a difficult hike through the woods along steep terrain and without a trail to follow. Finally at 7:30 p.m. they arrived at a waiting ambulance. The man had suffered a number of injuries from his fall and was airlifted. Eleven of our SAR team members and several EMS personnel were involved in the response.
His wife later emailed, “God was definitely with us Saturday. We are so thankful for all of you. Without y’all we would have never gotten out of there.”

-report by our Arkansas Search & Rescue Team

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