Thinji, a 74-year-old man in Kenya, sat in a small, dark room. His dislocated hip and his right knee, which is locked in a sitting position, leave him unable to walk. He and his wife had been estranged for more than fifteen years. Overcome by depression, and not having a ray of hope Thinji believed he would die alone in his little room.

Our staff in Kenya found out about Thinji and his deplorable needs. They made contact with Thinji’s estranged wife who agreed to help care for her ailing husband. Thinji was moved from his lonely room to an apartment, where our staff supplied him with a bed, chair, and table. They also gave him a Bible course to study. Now they are working with a nearby hospital to find a solution to his hip and knee problems. Their dream is that he could someday walk again.

ray of hope, Christian Aid Ministries

Thinji and his wife

“Have you ever seen anything like this?” Thinji shared in amazement. “They got me a bed and a chair and a table!” Instead of dying alone in his room, he is reunited with his wife and receiving the help and hope he so desperately needed.

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