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Helping a bedfast father to again provide

Maksim is a thirty-six-year-old father in Ukraine who had been bedfast for six months. His body doesn’t produce the necessary fluids to keep his joints lubricated. He needed two knee replacements and turned to CAM for help.

CAM provided $966 to enable Maksim to purchase the knee implant for his left leg. Later Maksim had surgery to replace his right knee. Due to his condition and his desire to provide for his family, CAM also provided $1,000 to help pay for this surgery.

When CAM staff members visited Maksim later, they found him happy in spite of his difficulties. He can now work as a driver, earning about $165 per month.

Thank you, supporters, for making a way for bedfast Maksim to get the help he needed. Thanks to “Good Samaritans” like you, Maksim can now provide for his wife and growing family.

Project Good Samaritan (formerly called Special Needs Fund) provides funds for situations like medical emergencies, house fire destruction, or funeral expenses. Donations of $1,000 or more will be assigned to a specific case(s) and sponsors will receive information about those they helped.