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Salt & Light

Salt and Light

What is Salt & Light?

Salt & Light is a Bible-based financial teaching course to help you demonstrate God’s kingdom locally. It helps you discover how to become better stewards of God’s resources and actively engage with your local community, church, and youth.

How does Salt & Light Work?

The newly expanded Salt & Light course is separated into four tracks.  The lessons in each track explore Biblical stewardship principles and provide the flexibility to tailor the course to your venue and participants.

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Additional Course Information

View, download, and print the Detailed Course Description and Salt & Light brochure. Share this information with others who may be interested in Salt & Light.

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Track A-Participant Guide
42 chapters

Track A-Facilitator Guide
42 chapters

Track B-Participant Guide
36 chapters

Track B-Facilitator Guide
36 chapters

Track C-Participant Guide
35 chapters

Track C-Facilitator Guide
35 chapters

Track D-Participant Guide
35 chapters

Track D-Facilitator Guide
35 chapters

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Salt & Light Training Resources

Recordings and worksheets to help your congregation start using the Salt & Light course.

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SALT is an acronym for Shared Accountability, Lending, and Teaching. The goal of this program is to help impoverished people find ways to provide for themselves and their families without depending on others for aid.

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SALT is an acronym for Shared Accountability, Lending, and Teaching. The goal of this program is to help impoverished people find ways to provide for themselves and their families without depending on others for aid.

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Do you want to walk alongside acquaintances or people in your community who are living in chronic financial difficulty? The twelve lessons in track A are designed for a small-group study with those who are struggling financially and utilizing options such as payday loans and government assistance. This study covers basic financial principles based on Biblical truths, offers hope, and guides through the first steps of discovering a better way.


1. HOPE – Steps to Economic Stability

2. OPPORTUNITIES – A Powerful Yet Missed Solution

3. OBSTACLES – What Can I Do about Them?

4. ASSETS – What Is in My Hand?

5. VALUES – What Matters Most?

6. CHOICES – The Power of Small Decisions

7. GOALS – Where Do I Want to Go?

8. CROSSWINDS – Forces That Blow Us Off Course

9. LOANS – The Hard Facts about Soft Choices

10. DEBT – Easy to Get In, Hard to Get Out

11. SAVING – Preparing for Future Necessities

12. LIFE – Getting a Vision for Joyful Living




Are you looking for a financial course to share guidance and hope with neighbors and coworkers in your community? The six core lessons in track B allow you to explore a Biblical perspective of finances with a small group of people who want financial teaching but probably wouldn’t attend a study at your church. They guide participants through the first steps toward financial stability and freedom, and ultimately toward becoming a faithful steward of God’s gifts.


1. HOPE – How Can I Overcome?

2. VALUES – What Is Important to Me?

3. CHOICES – Do Little Things Matter?

4. ASSETS – What Is in My Hand?

5. GOALS – Where Am I Going?

6. PLANS – How Do I Get There?




Is your church looking for a study for a Wednesday evening service or adult Bible study? The five core lessons in track C are intended to provide a Biblical perspective of finances for Anabaptist churches. They consider why we have been given so much and move us toward becoming trustworthy stewards and wisely investing our resources in God’s kingdom.


1. DISPARITY – Why Poverty and Wealth in Our World?

2. TREASURE – Whose Is This?

3. GOALS – Comparing Our Goals with God’s

4. OBSTACLES – What Gets in Our Way?

5. INVESTOR – Is This an Investment or an Expense?




Would you like to give young people the opportunity to wrestle with some of life’s difficult questions? The five core lessons in track D will guide the discussion on wisely using our resources and are intended for use in youth Bible studies and Bible schools. They look at our resources and consider faithfulness in the responsibilities and opportunities God has given us, pointing us toward a lifetime of becoming trustworthy stewards.


1. BLESSED? – Why Has God Given So Much to So Few?

2. OWNERSHIP? – What Is My Responsibility?

3. PLANS – Go for the Gold!

4. DISTRACTIONS – How Do I Stay Focused?

5. OPPORTUNITY – How Do I Invest?