SALT Agri-Plus Program
Rohingya Camp

SALT Agri-Plus Program Brings Opportunity for Refugees

Anowara* is a twenty-seven-year-old widow living in a Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh. Before she arrived at the camp, her husband was killed by the military during the uprising in Myanmar against the Rohingya people. Hopeless and alone, she fled her country with her two-year-old son.

When the SALT Agri-Plus program started in Anowora’s camp, it provided her with the opportunity to support herself. Instead of completely depending on others for all her food, she is now able to raise vegetables and fruits in her garden plot. Now she has food for herself and her young son, and she can sell or share the surplus produce.

SALT Agri-Plus Program
SALT Agri-Plus Program

Anowara meets regularly with her fellow Agri-Plus group members to learn how to care for her hillside garden. She did not come from a farming family, so the instructions about planting, soil conservation, fertilizing, and seed saving and storing are very helpful. But best of all, the Biblical truths she receives at these meetings are planting seeds that can produce fruits of far greater and eternal value.SALT Agri-Plus Program, Christian Aid Ministries

Today, God is using the SALT Agri-Plus program to give Anowara a new hope and opportunity.