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A SALT* savings group in Tanzania decided to start a beekeeping project since it doesn’t require a large investment and shows great potential. The group had little knowledge of beekeeping, so a member of another local SALT group helped them get started. They purchased nine local-made beehives, as well as plastic sheeting to help protect the hives from rain. Now they anticipate productivity later this spring when flowers are in full bloom.

beekeeping project, Christian Aid Ministries

A SALT group member hangs a beehive.

A SALT staff member said, “I was happy to see [the group] networking in this way because there is a lot of guardedness with local knowledge. SALT provided a good avenue for this!”

These SALT members along with many others in various countries are learning about teamwork, sustainability, and Biblical truths. Thank you, supporters, for making this beekeeping project possible!

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