SALT savings group member

Age: 14 years old

From: Bangladesh

Background: Kalat worked for blacksmiths and earned a minimal income. He wasted money on cigarettes and other forms of substance abuse.

Impact of the SALT savings group: When Kalat joined the SALT savings group in his village, he started receiving Biblical teaching. Through the teaching, he became aware of how much money he was wasting on substance abuse. He wanted to change! He decided to start saving money instead of wasting it. As he contributed small amounts of money to the group’s collective savings each week, he soon was eligible for a loan. His group recognized his zeal and seriousness and agreed to give him a small loan of $12.75 to rent a place to start a small blacksmith shop.


Progress: Kalat’s blacksmith shop got off to a good start. He soon had a customer base. After one month of operating, he already needed more space, so he rented a larger shop. His income has continued to grow, and he now has an employee. Each month, he earns nearly $90 USD. Although this might seem like a small amount of income, it is a tremendous help to Kalat’s family.


Goals for the future: Kalat hopes to get an even larger loan, so he can further expand his business and hire more people. He also hopes to repair the house where he lives with his parents and build an addition to it.

*name changed to protect identity

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