Hanrell Campos had experience as a barber, but he needed funds to start a business. In 2017, he applied for a loan through the SALT Microloan program operating in his Nicaraguan community. After receiving Bible-based business teaching and working with his local SALT group to formulate a business plan, Hanrell got a loan of $140. He used the loan to buy the tools he needed to start his barber shop.

In 2020, thieves robbed most of Hanrell’s barber equipment. He applied for another loan to restock his supplies.

Today Hanrell’s business is growing. He plans to move his shop to a larger location with more potential. He has also begun a business partnership with a fellow SALT member.

Hanrell dedicates his life to reaching out through evangelizing, prison ministry, and supporting a home for the elderly. He expresses thanks for the SALT program and for the Bible-based Business teaching.

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