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Shayan with his ice cream cart and some pleased customers.

Making a difference in chronic poverty

Shayan* and Raeema in Bangladesh dreamed of providing a better future for their young daughter. The two dollars Shayan earned each day left the family with many unmet needs. Shayan and Raeema discussed business ideas, but felt inadequate to improve their situation on their own.

Like Shayan and Raeema, people across the globe face chronic poverty that goes beyond a lack of food or shelter. This kind of poverty is not critical poverty, which exists when natural disasters, war, physical handicaps, or other crises leave people without the ability or resources to address their needs. Instead, this is chronic poverty. Chronic poverty results from various factors, such as a lack of management or teaching, learned dependency, or unused resources. The solution to this poverty is not direct relief, but opportunity and changed mindsets.

A primary focus of CAM’s SALT program is to address chronic poverty. By walking alongside individuals and presenting Bible-based teaching, we seek to give them tools they need to wisely use their God-given resources and better provide for their families. Most importantly, we desire to pattern and teach a Biblical way of living.

Opportunity for Shayan and Raeema

Let’s return to Shayan and Raeema in Bangladesh. Raeema is part of a SALT savings group in their community. With a small amount of funds they were able to acquire along with a loan from the savings group, the couple opened an ice cream business.

This venture is going well. The seven dollars they earn each day helps them cover their basic needs. Shayan and Raeema testify that the support and teaching from the SALT savings group helped them reach this goal. We pass on their gratitude to you, our supporters who enable us to make a difference.

*Names changed to protect identities.