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Marriage bond strengthened

When Alex and Naomi from Asomdwee, Ghana, joined a SALT Savings Group, they didn’t realize it was likely the best thing that could happen to their marriage. They faced challenges in their marriage that stemmed from the lack of clear Biblical teaching and few examples of godly marriages. Alex and Naomi both exhibited behaviors that did not enhance their marriage.

The couple decided to put the Biblical teaching they received at their weekly SALT meetings into practice. Naomi is finding that the teaching helps her know how to be a good wife to Alex. In turn, Alex is learning to be a godly husband. They attest this has created a happy atmosphere in their home.

One thing Alex and Naomi learned is that marriage is like a threefold cord. To them, this means they must allow God to be part of their marriage. They said, “As a married couple [we] have to do things the right way . . . think of the same plans, have the same view, and also rely on God.” This has helped their marriage bond grow stronger than ever before.

Since becoming savings group members, Alex and Naomi no longer waste their money but use it wisely. Together they decide how to best use their finances. With their savings, they pay their children’s school tuition and plan ahead for other expenses. Several members of their savings group testified that the couple has made progress. They notice Naomi and Alex have become more industrious and are willing to help others in need.

Alex and Naomi say they are doing all they can to become one as the Bible teaches. They are trusting God to help them continue in their newfound life. They pray God would show them favor as they grow in love in their marriage and as a family. Let’s join Alex and Naomi in that prayer.

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