SALT Manuals—Prized and Powerful!

SALT microfinance clients are required to attend regular meetings, which provide an excellent platform for Biblical teaching. We have been developing a growing series of manuals that clients and instructors can use at these meetings. The manuals help instructors convey Bible truths in an organized way.

Our growing family of SALT manuals includes:

  • Small Business Handbook
  • Following Jesus in Everyday Life
  • A Good Soldier of Jesus Christ (youth manual)

What do the SALT manuals teach?

Lessons on everyday Christian living, such as:

  • Family values
  • Separation from the world
  • The two kingdoms
  • Personal purity
  • Taking the Bible literally
  • Lessons on Bible-based business and finances, such as:
  • Saving and stewarding
  • Budgeting
  • Record keeping
  • Debt
  • Working with customers

Did you know?

  • Some national pastors use the SALT manuals to prepare sermons for their congregations.
  • In some savings groups in Bangladesh, only one person in the group is able to read. This person is responsible to read the lessons to the group.
  • Some clients who are illiterate get a family member to read the lessons to them.
  • SALT manuals have been translated into 8 languages including, Bangla, and Swahili.
  • Clients prize their manuals. In some cases, the SALT manual is the only Christian book they own.
Goy, reading a SALT small business handbook.

Goy, a savings group client from Kampong Phluk, a fishing village in Cambodia, never learned to read. But now, with the help of his daughter and a SALT Small Business Handbook to use for practice, he is determined to learn.

When a group of Christians first came to Kampong Phluk they met strong resistance. The villagers were violently opposed to Christian teaching. Now, after winning the trust of the community, SALT staff are warmly welcomed in this village and have an open door to give sound Biblical teaching. Some of the clients are hearing the Gospel for the first time at the SALT meetings.