A GROUP OF disabled people in Uganda is not allowing their handicaps to cripple their lives or make them feel useless. Instead, they are rising above their challenges and using what God has put in their hands. They have discovered a way to collectively save and use the minimal amount of money they have to make a living.

This group of 20 has formed a SALT savings group, and some have already taken out loans to start or expand small businesses. No outside money comes into the group. The only thing SALT is providing is structure and teaching to help them save and utilize their resources. So far, seven members have received loans of about $15 (USD) each.

These savings group members might be limited in what they are able to do, but they have found creative ways to provide for themselves and their families. Some of them are street vendors and sell things like plumbing supplies and charcoal. Others make and mend clothing. One member even operates a bicycle taxi; he used his loan to repair his deteriorating bicycle.

Greg Stierle, who helps oversee the SALT program in Uganda, attended the meeting when the loans were disbursed. He reports, “The meeting was conducted in the Luganda language so I didn’t understand what they said, but I understood the applause, cheers, and handshakes as each of the seven members received their 50,000 Ugandan shillings.”


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