client in Nicaragua

Silvia: salt microloan client in Nicaragua

Silvia, a sixty-year-old microloan client in Nicaragua, spent years building up a small business to help provide for herself and her family. She sold rice, sugar, eggs, candy, and other household items.

In 2018, political upheaval in Nicaragua brought a serious downturn to Silvia’s little business. Streets were blocked, making it almost impossible for Silvia to get to the market to purchase goods. Due to the widespread fear and turmoil, she lost her business.

In 2021, Silvia became part of the SALT microloan program, with a goal of restarting her small store. She received a loan of $200 USD. These funds enabled Silvia to open her shop again. She used her profits to pay off her loan and was then eligible to receive an additional loan of $250 to continue to grow her business.

The Biblical teaching Silvia receives at SALT meetings helps her trust the Lord and leave everything in His hands. The business instruction shows her how to better manage her store and keep concise records.

“God always shows us that He is aware of our needs and helps us in the midst of adversity,” says a SALT staff member in Nicaragua. “Silvia . . . lost her business in times of difficulty, but God has blessed her and given her work again.”