MARIBEL GRENADOS FROM Waslala, Nicaragua, says the SALT Microloan program has helped her family slowly progress upward. As is true for anyone climbing out of the cycle of chronic poverty, progress is slow and steps toward sustainability are small.

Maribel’s first small step was selling tortillas, which allowed her to save the money she needed to qualify for a SALT loan. Before being accepted into the program, SALT clients are required to save a small amount of money to prove their ability and willingness to save. When Maribel received her loan, she was able to get her first small supply of clothing to sell door to door.
Maribel now has a vision for the future. With the income from the clothing she sells, she and her husband hope to eventually buy their own house. She also wants to find a permanent place to sell her clothing once the business is big enough. Step by step, Maribel and her family are moving toward a better life.

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