National instructors play a vital role in all aspects of the SALT program. Their insight into their own culture and their vision for their people is invaluable.

We recognize the importance of properly training these national instructors and equipping them to do effective work.

In late August, nine men from the United States traveled to Haiti to help train instructors and others involved with the SALT program. Fifty-seven Haitian pastors, teachers, and SALT administrators attended the seminar. The seminar included Bible-based teaching on business principles and practical Christian living.

Please pray for the national SALT instructors in various countries. As they walk alongside clients, helping them learn to provide for themselves, the potential for spiritual influence is tremendous. In some of the countries where SALT is operating, people are hearing the Gospel for the first time through their SALT instructors.

Seminar Report

—by Leonard Meador, training coordinator

The trainers from the States were prepared to present well-thought-out material. They used demonstrations and visual aids to enhance what they taught. Both the instructors and the Haitian attendees shared some of their real life experiences, which created a chance to bond hearts from two cultures. The attendees were very attentive and actively participated in the discussions and group activities.

At the conclusion, the Haitian attendees had opportunity to suggest topics for future seminars. Their suggestions included:

  • The use of the tongue
  • Unity in the community
  • How to stay in the presence of God
  • Moral purity
  • Thankfulness
  • How to grow trust in each other
  • How to refute “once saved always saved” beliefs
  • Church and State—the two kingdoms
  • Entertainment—how to manage improper venues

Interestingly, none of their topic suggestions were about economic gain. While these men do want to teach their people how to fulfill God’s call to provide for themselves and their families, their primary interest is to pass on teaching that will have an eternal impact.

2016 topics and speakers

Marketing and Customer Service —Russell Rumble

Time Management —Vince Lewis

How to Figure a Profit —Arlin Martin

Nonresistance —Todd Boone

Family Budgeting —Caleb Jenkins

Nurturing and Admonishing Children —Randy Jenkins

Importance of Saving Money —Randy Jenkins

Moral Purity and Responsibilities of Leadership —David Swearingen

Value of Trustful and Strong Communities —David Swearingen

Commitment and Strong Marriages —Russell Rumble

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