Three-week-old Favor was severely malnourished and barely hanging onto life when her mother brought her to the CAM office in Liberia. Favor’s mother had an infection and was unable to feed her daughter. Since Favor’s birth, all her mother was able to give her was coconut water and glucose. Every night this frail child cried from hunger.

gift of life, Christian Aid Ministries

Favor, one week after receiving infant formula


gift of life, Christian Aid Ministries

Favor at six months old.

Our staff gave Favor’s mother nutritious infant formula. They were surprised to see the improvements in Favor after only one week. The gaunt outline of her ribs slowly disappeared, and her tiny stomach started to fill out. A staff member in Liberia shared, “For Favor, one week and a can of milk closed the door on death and gave her the gift of life.” Thank you, supporters, for your generous donations that gave Favor and many others a chance at life!

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