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Healing salve for Narcis

Two-year-old Narcis stretched for the kettle on the stove. Suddenly, the boiling water in the pot poured onto him, burning his face and upper body.
Narcis lives with his parents and seven siblings in one of Romania’s most impoverished areas. The small income his father earns by recycling iron makes it difficult when emergencies arise like Narcis’ burn.

Through the Save-A-Life program, Narcis received Silvadene salve to apply on his burns. Now he is on the road to recovery!

In addition to providing Silvadene salve , the Save-A-Life program helps procure special medicines and nutritional supplements for malnourished or sick children and adults. Specialty medicines and nutritional items are too expensive for many people in places like Romania. Your donation makes it possible for people like Narcis and other people with health problems to receive these items. Thank you!

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