Djan was severely malnourished when he was brought to the clinic.

Life-Saving Nourishment for Djan

Eight-month-old Djan* was barely hanging onto life when he was brought to a clinic in Haiti. His distressing condition stemmed from malnutrition and tuberculosis, a serious lung disease. Djan is also crippled by spina bifida.

The clinic staff mixed formula and protein powder to make a special drink for Djan, and over the next two months, he steadily improved. The gauntness in his face slowly disappeared, and his tiny stomach started to fill out. His weight has increased from 6.5 pounds to 11 pounds! “We want to continue Djan on this protein,” a nurse shared. “We regret that it is almost all gone and are so hoping we will find more protein in the near future.” 

Save A Life after
Djan responded well to the nutritional drink mix.

Each day, malnutrition and treatable medical conditions claim the lives of thousands of children and adults around the world. The nutritional products and medicines you provide through the Save-A-Life! program might give someone like Djan the boost needed to survive.

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