Helping economically disadvantaged people find solutions to their financial problems

SALT Savings Groups provide structure and teaching to help members work together to save money. As their savings corporately accumulate, members can take out small loans from the savings to start or expand businesses or to help provide for their needs during hard times. More importantly, the ongoing Bible-based teaching has a profound impact on group members. In some of the places where SALT operates, people are hearing the Gospel for the first time at savings group meetings.

"Today I am indeed filled with hope for the future. Thank God for the opportunity to have benefitted from the savings group.’’

– Serwa, Savings group member from Manya Damanku in the Gusheigu District

"When we go through the lessons in the manual it helps us understand the Bible more and more."

– Joe, Savings group member from Badie

"The savings group gave us the opportunity to access small loans for our weekly trade in the above grains."

– Savings group members in Nanyeli

Fusheina realized that there was nowhere in her community that one could find soft drinks to buy, she made a small store and got a loan from her group to start selling drinks in her community.

– Fusheina, Savings group members from Blachooni

“The teaching is really good and helps me manage my business and home better. The group helps me save money instead of wasting it.”

– Savings group members from Asia

What makes SALT Savings Groups so effective?

• Help members find and use their God-given gifts, abilities, and resources
• Provide a platform for sound Biblical teaching through frequent meetings
• Help entrepreneurs develop or expand small enterprises
• Provide a safe place for members to keep their savings and take out loans
• Show the power of saving over time
• Prepare members for hard times, such as medical emergencies or natural disasters