Farming in Liberia is difficult. Much of the soil is unsuitable for growing crops. As a result farmers must clear the jungle. They spend days chopping down trees and underbrush with machetes. Then they burn off their farm plots. Finally, they hoe the charcoal-covered ground by hand in preparation for planting. This process is done each year because heavy rainfalls in rainy season wash away the ashes and thin topsoil.

CAM’s Seed Project is designed to help these struggling farmers. Not only does the unsuitable soil make farming difficult, but seeds are expensive in Liberia and don’t always produce well. Through this program, families are provided with garden tools and quality seeds to help make their hard work more productive.

Shafa is a Liberian farmer who received seeds through CAM’s Seed Project. He is excited. For the first time, his farm produced enough to support his family. Shafa is grateful that he no longer needs to ask others for assistance. In the picture, Shafa stands with some of the plants that grew from the seeds he received. Thank you, supporters, for helping Shafa!