Laura was serving time in a Romanian prison when she enrolled in CAM’s Bible correspondence course. She had grown up with little Christian influence and had never heard the things she was learning in the study course.

Recently she wrote to us: “The course I am studying is just wonderful. It explains things that I never heard until now. In my family there was no faith. My father was an atheist. For me everything is new. I want to completely change my way of life, be part of a Christian church, and live my life like a real Christian.”

Laura is one of 11,000 people who have enrolled in the Romanian Bible study course since the program began in 2001. Currently 589 students are taking the lessons. Many, like Laura, have never heard some of the most basic Bible truths. Others have a Bible knowledge, but their knowledge is expanded and convictions strengthened through the deep, personal study.

Topics in the correspondence courses include a simple course on the Gospel of John, a look at martyrs who died for their faith, and lessons on the fruit of the Spirit. Students work through the lessons, take the test at the end of a booklet, and then send their tests to our office to be graded. We, in turn, send them the next booklet in the series.

CAM also provides correspondence courses in Liberia where 43,000 people have enrolled since the Sponsor-A-Bible-Lesson program began there in 2002. Not everyone completed the entire series, but many have. Currently 4,374 students are taking the courses.

This program has tremendous potential. When else do we have an opportunity to give such intensive, ongoing Bible-based training? Through these courses, prisoners, pastors, and young people have come to Christ or found a deeper walk with God.

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