As violence continues in eastern Ukraine, so does the need for food and housing. More Ukrainians are being forced to flee their homes, leaving everything behind.

CAM staff met with several churches that are working together to house and feed as many displaced people as they can. One church remodeled their church building to house up to five refugee families; they currently house 23 people, including two newborns. The church groups are thrilled to hear about CAM’s new bulk food program. The food arrives by the semi load, and CAM staff distributes it to the groups where the needs are the greatest.

“We are busy trying to meet as many needs as possible,” said a CAM staff member in Ukraine. “Food continues to be the biggest need, especially for large families.”

Hunger is especially rampant inside the war zone. “It’s nearly impossible to get any large quantities of food or other aid inside the war zone. Though food is expensive outside, it’s reported to cost about double inside,” said a CAM staff member. Elderly and disabled people haven’t received government aid for several months now, and many of them are simply starving.

Many Christians inside the war zone are still working to feed these people. One church is operating a soup kitchen as a way to show love to their neighbors. “The Lord laid it on our hearts to open this ministry last October,” said the pastor.

The church had only about 26 cents in the treasury, but they gathered what food they had and advertised a free lunch. “Every day since last October we have fed 100 to 300 people a hot lunch, and we have never run out of food yet.”

Please pray for peace and safety for CAM staff and those they work with in Ukraine.