Bombing, blockades, rising gas prices, and electricity shortages have become a normal part of life for many Ukrainians.

Electricity is being rationed through scheduled blackouts. Natural gas at the retail level is steadily climbing in price.

Churches are especially affected by the price increase – not only has the base price risen several times but the churches now have to pay commercial rates just like a store or factory. This change alone has increased their cost by double or more.

One pastor reported that their gas costs per cubic meter are six times what they were last year. To cut back, most congregations only heat their building during the services and then only to minimum levels. Church members keep their coats on while at church.

CAM contacts have been blessed by the resolve the Ukrainian people are showing. Many accept cold church buildings as part of life and wear another coat.
Food is available outside the war zones and surrounding areas, but at a high price. Refugees who fled with nothing must purchase nearly everything they eat. This lifestyle is not sustainable without aid.

Through the blessing of God and the generosity of donors, CAM staff in Ukraine is distributing more than double the normal amount of aid. We are grateful for these opportunities to bring hope to God’s children in Ukraine.