When war sweeps in and changes everything, the normal cares and concerns of life meld into one intense longing for peace. When conflict has gone on long enough, most people don’t care anymore who is right and who is wrong. They just want peace. But even peace in Ukraine would not solve all the problems of war-ravaged families. The structural, economic, and emotional damage is immense. Even if the war would cease, the road to recovery would be long and hard.

Christian Aid Ministries believes in sowing seeds that will sprout into true, long-lasting change. Our presence in crisis areas is often focused on emergency humanitarian aid, but we also strive to equip crisis victims with the means to support themselves. We offer seeds, livestock, and farm equipment to enable parents to care for their families. We distribute Bibles, Bible story books, and other literature to give fathers and other spiritual leaders the strength and wisdom they need to lead.

The 2015 Seed Project is a major part of CAM’s presence in Ukraine. In the last month, CAM staff delivered around 700,000 seed packets to individuals and churches all over Ukraine. These seeds come in such tiny packages, but deliver great hope for the coming season.

Another important part of CAM’s ministry in Ukraine is providing monthly food parcels and clothing bundles for families that need help. These items are shipped to the CAM warehouse in Zaprudya, Ukraine, and distributed from there by CAM staff or hired drivers. The monthly support gives fathers, widows, and single mothers the freedom to save what money they make for the future.

These projects, along with fervent prayer, are our contribution to lasting change in Ukraine. Thank you for making this possible.