Our contact recently received a call from a pastor who wept as he explained his desperate need of help. The pastor lives in one of Ukraine’s conflict areas and his granddaughter had just been severely injured when their house was shelled. The pastor’s young granddaughter’s life was spared, but she lost her leg from the force of the blow.

The pastor knew he needed to leave the city to find a hospital that could help her, but leaving the city would put their lives at risk. They dodged bullets as they left the city, but God made a way for them to safely arrive at their destination.

Our contact was in touch with this pastor before his area was taken over and gave him and his church members food parcels from CAM. The pastor says he understands now that the Lord was looking out for them. When their area came under siege, the only food they had to help them survive was from the food parcels.

The pastor used the time of turmoil to reach out to those around him. When he finally had the opportunity to leave, unbelievers from his area begged him to stay and read the comforting words of the Bible.

Our contacts remained in touch with him and others in Ukraine’s conflict areas during a time when they needed immense support. The pastor thanked our contact for staying in touch after others left without checking later to see how they were doing.

A CAM staff member shared, “He was so thankful for the help from CAM and that our worker stayed in contact.”

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