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Crucial ongoing aid in Ukraine

Hardships increase for Ukrainians as the war drags into the winter months. CAM continues to provide crucial ongoing aid in Ukraine to bring hope to these resilient but weary people. The kindness of our generous, caring supporters has touched thousands of lives in 2022. Here are a few ways your contributions bless Ukrainians.


One of the biggest needs right now is firewood. The requests are overwhelming since the usual ways of heating are cut off or limited. Some people gather twigs and leaves to burn, but many are hesitant to venture into the forest because landmines claimed lives or limbs of some who dared to do so.

CAM delivers loads of firewood to elderly people, widows, and families in need throughout the country. One couple who received firewood shared, “We do not have enough words to express our appreciation. . . . Many businesses are closed. There is almost no work available. It is very difficult to support our own family. But the Lord, by His immense love to us, takes care of our needs through your Christian response and loving hearts.”

aid in Ukraine, Christian Aid Ministries
Countless Ukrainians express their appreciation for firewood.


Many Ukrainians become emotional after receiving a parcel filled with basic food items. A staff member recently said, “It is common for ladies to cry with joy when they see buckwheat in our parcels.” Buckwheat is a popular food item in Ukraine.

Others are overwhelmed with delight when they receive freshly baked bread. “It is our first time since the beginning of the war that we are having warm bread,” some recipients said.

People coming to our food distributions who lack ways to cook food at home sometimes receive a hot meal prepared by a local church instead of a parcel. “Many people are coming,” a staff member shared. “Those who still can cook get food parcels.”

aid in Ukraine, Christian Aid Ministries
Tears of joy are frequent among people who receive food.


The terrible sights in conflict areas speak of the atrocity of the war. Bullet and shrapnel holes splatter some houses, while other buildings lay in a heap of rubble. “A missile hit our house,” one Ukrainian shared. “Now we have nothing.”

Each house CAM helps to rebuild or repair provides warm shelter and a little comfort amidst the immense loss. Local construction workers carry out the work with the financial assistance and supervision of CAM.

aid in Ukraine, Christian Aid Ministries
A new house speaks of warmth and new beginnings.


The cold weather complicates situations for Ukrainians who lost everything. A blanket recipient said, “Kind people let us stay at their place, but it was very cold and we can’t afford blankets and pillows. Winter is only making our lives harder. . . . Thank you so much for the blankets. Thank you for your kindness! You are good people.”

aid in Ukraine, Christian Aid Ministries
Blankets and comforters are a blessing to many Ukrainians


The medical kits our staff and local doctors compiled fill a great need in areas where people no longer have access to pharmacies or hospitals. A contact shared, “A couple times a week, we go to places with no pharmacy. They all are very thankful for meds you provide. Many people are suffering with insomnia through the heavy shelling.”

aid in Ukraine, Christian Aid Ministries
The gift of medicines is a life-saver for people who don’t have access to pharmacies.


Churches in Ukraine are full of new believers and people longing for comfort and hope. Even though many of the original members fled the area, refugees and other Ukrainians fill the pews. Nationals say they haven’t experienced such an openness to truth since the fall of communism in 1991.

Many of CAM’s distributions take place at churches where local believers hold services before giving aid, Bibles, and Christian literature. They point to Jesus, the ultimate Giver of Life. One of the churches held six baptismal services since the beginning of the war, with 100 people baptized.

Following a recent distribution a contact shared, “After the service, two people were reconciled to God by a prayer of repentance.”

aid in Ukraine, Christian Aid Ministries
Bible story books are a treasured book for many children who fled their homes with their parents.

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