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This Ukrainian house resembles the many hearts and lives broken by the conflict.

Prayer requests for Ukrainians

Yesterday two months ago the normal life Ukrainians knew ended abruptly when the first bombs and missiles were fired in the country. Since then, many people grieve the loss of loved ones, anguish over the separation from family, witness horrible events, and experience the destruction of their possessions.

We have received multiple prayer requests from our contacts in Ukraine who are daily reminded of the results from the conflict. One request that almost all of them have is to pray for peace in Ukraine! As with any war, we recognize that the true battle is against the enemy of our souls who creates the chaos and division. We are thankful that we have the avenue of prayer to a God of Peace.

Our staff and contacts in Ukraine are on the front lines of providing aid and encouragement and face many decisions and interruptions throughout each day. Please join us in praying that God would continue to give them strength as they minister to many needs. Some of them are adjusting to a recent move along with the added stress of the overwhelming tasks.

Following are some prayer requests from our contacts.
    • Pray for grace, strength, and forgiveness for believers in Ukraine who experienced extreme loss. Many of them don’t have pastors to shepherd the flock since a large number of them fled the country.
    • Pray for the people helping to evacuate Ukrainians and delivering food to areas of heavy conflict.
    • Pray for the people who suffer physically, emotionally, or mentally. Many Ukrainians cannot sleep peacefully and worry about what the future holds for them. Some of them returned to their homes to find everything gone.
    • Pray for the children who are orphaned because of the war. Pray also for the people who were kidnapped or cannot find their relatives.
    • Pray that hearts would be open to hear the Good News and that many will accept the Lord as their Savior.

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