Ukraine’s conflict, Christian Aid Ministries
Piles of rubble mark what was once someone’s home.

Some of Ukraine’s conflict areas lay in ruin

“Some of these people simply have nothing,” a staff member shared about people living in Ukraine’s conflict areas. “Their house is gone, their documents are gone. A lot of people lost family members. Some don’t know where their family members are.”

Ukraine’s conflict, Christian Aid Ministries
Staff members visit a widow who lost her home to a fire following a shell strike.

Our staff members visited a widow whose house was completely destroyed when her area became a target. One day while she had visitors, a shell hit her house. At first they all gathered in one room until another shell hit. Finally they moved to the cellar before two more shells hit her house and caused a fire that burned everything. The widow lost all her documents and can’t even find the key to her vehicle.

Ukraine’s conflict, Christian Aid Ministries
Some properties in Ukraine’s conflict areas are completely devastated.

This widow reflects thousands of others who experienced major loss, heartache, and grief from the ongoing war in Ukraine. Some cities and villages lay in ruin. Crumbed walls and heaps of rubble hold only distant memories of life before the conflict.

Ukraine’s conflict, Christian Aid Ministries
Contractors hired from CAM repair a house that was damaged during the war.

CAM staff members are working with local churches to locate some of the vulnerable people left homeless or with damaged houses. Ukrainian contractors investigate the needs and work with us to prepare a quote and move ahead with rebuilding. Many of the contractors haven’t received much business lately since people are in survival mode and often lack funds. As the contractors carry out the work, they receive payment for their labor. In the end, both the homeowners and contractors are blessed in this critical time.

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