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These Ukrainians are among many who received food provided These Ukrainians are among many who received food provided by CAM supporters

The brutal war continues in Ukraine

Almost two months of conflict in Ukraine is causing the largest refugee crisis in Europe since World War II. The huge number of people exiting the country in such a short time exceeds the records in recent years. More than five million people fled Ukraine since February 24, and around 7.1 million people left their homes for safer areas in Ukraine. According to UNHCR, approximately 13 million people are still trapped in areas of conflict. The brutal war continues to affect many innocent lives caught in the crossfire.

CAM desires to show the compassion of Jesus to Ukrainians who endure the horrors of the conflict. We continue to provide food, blankets, medicines, and Christian literature to refugees and suffering people still inside Ukraine.

Please pray for peace in Ukraine and for the people suffering at the hand of evil.

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