An elderly Christian in Kyiv with a food parcel delivered by one of our Ukrainian staff.

Ukraine faces seventh day of fighting

The people of Ukraine are facing the seventh day of fighting since Russia began its invasion. Air raids, bombings, missile strikes, and ground combat continue in various large cities throughout the country.

“Yesterday our village back home shook as the bombs hit the nearest city,” writes a Mennonite woman from Ukraine. “Today a sister, who bravely stayed behind, messaged, ‘Pray. Airplanes are flying overhead.’ This morning the village head posted on the village group: ‘Warning! Air raids all over Kyiv Oblast. Everyone quickly go under cover.’ The war is not over yet; in fact, the worst may be ahead.” A Ukrainian man wrote, “Our city is surrounded with Russian tanks. I am hoping to escape out of the city tomorrow, but I don’t know how.”

CAM established a presence in Ukraine in 2001 and has many connections with churches and other contacts throughout the country. Requests for help continue to come our way.

Our Ukrainian employees, though displaced themselves, have a strong desire to help those in need. They are working to purchase food for displaced people and find ways to safely distribute aid. Food is becoming scarce, especially in areas near the fighting. Yesterday, one of our workers distributed food parcels to elderly people in Kyiv.

Staff members in Romania are working to help refugees who are arriving in Romania and Moldova. They are housing refugees and purchasing food and other aid to send into Ukraine’s war zone. They plan to provide blankets, hygiene kits, adult briefs, canned meat, and bedding.

We are working to supply Bibles, Bible story books, and Christian literature inside Ukraine and to Ukrainian refugees in other countries. Our desire is to encourage suffering Christians and point others to God in this distressing time.

Please continue to pray for the people of Ukraine. Pray also for those in Russia who innocently suffer because of the war their country is involved in. No doubt, people in both countries are facing great difficulties as a result of this conflict.

“Will Ukraine ever be the beautiful country it once was?” asks a woman from Ukraine. “I do not know who will win the war that is raging, but . . . God’s truth will endure to the end.”

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