Daffodils brighten the landscape in Ukraine after a long winter.

Ukraine’s Springtime Provides Hope Amid Relentless War

—By a CAM staff member in Ukraine

Greetings from Ukraine where spring has arrived! Villagers can be seen outside visiting together in the afternoons again. They have their little tables with eggs, leftover canned goods, cabbage, potatoes, and other goods from the cellars out by the road to sell to any passersby. Tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths are growing, and it’s looking like we will see flowers soon! Folks are out in the gardens starting some early seeds and working the ground in some fields, as well as trimming and whitewashing trees. It is a hopeful time of year!

IMG 6004
Refugees get emotional from the singing at a church after receiving a meal.

But there is still a heavy atmosphere of sadness here that, unfortunately, doesn’t leave with the gray of winter. There has been an uptick of missile and drone strikes here in the last several days. Russia is targeting power plants again, which leaves many without power, water, and heating. Please pray for peace in this country and for the millions who are suffering from the direct results of the horrors of war! Pray also for us as we relate to all the challenges that go with living in a country at war.

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