Chapal has a vision. He is determined to provide for himself as he grows older. And he’s starting now.

When a SALT Microfinance savings group was established in his Bangladeshi village, 14-year-old Chapal joined. Every week, he contributed to the group’s pool of savings and was soon chosen to be the one to take out a small loan. He used the money to buy a young pig and some feed.

Chapal hopes to make enough profit from selling his fattened pig to pay off his loan and buy more animals. His goal is to raise stock to sell to the local meat market.

A vision like Chapal’s is unusual, especially for a 14-year-old, in a village where people have been bound by poverty for generations. Most importantly, Chapal, whose family adheres to a tribal religion, is learning about Jesus from his indigenous SALT instructor and teaching manual.

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