An elderly Syrian woman needed to flee to Turkey because of the war in her home country. She is unable to work and struggles to survive. When she received a package of food, she said, “Last night I opened my hands in prayer and said, ‘O God, I’m hungry and sick. Have mercy on me.’ God heard my prayer. . . I am so happy to get some food today.”

This elderly woman is one of millions of people suffering because of the war in Syria. “The Syrian refugees are constantly asking about when we will help them,” wrote our contact in Turkey. “We see wid­ows and orphans who are in very difficult situations, families with no fathers, and mothers who go to bed hungry. There are people who get sick because of malnutri­tion. The need is great.”

As the war in Syria enters its sixth year, CAM contacts in the region continue to distribute aid to displaced people within Syria and surrounding countries. If you wish to help provide food, mattresses, Christian literature, and other items for refugees, please choose from the options below. To start a monthly sponsorship to help Syrian refugees or other victims in crisis, please choose Food-Parcels-For-Syrian-Refugees or International Crisis.

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